About Us

Maggie is the owner of Benevolent Beauty Inc. which develops and manufactures turn-key beauty collections for selective specialty retailers and provides packaging sourcing and manufacturing expertise to large brands and start-ups.  

She is a product of Detroit. Growing up in the suburbs and attending high school downtown. She learned manufacturing at an early age by regularly visiting her grandfather on the manufacturing floor of an automotive tool and die business. She worked for her father who ran his business performing quality audits for automotive suppliers and her mother who owned a handmade gift shop. She learned at an early age that manufacturing and business is both fun and difficult at the same time.  

Maggie attended Michigan State University and earned her degree from the School of Packaging. She has worked at Calvin Klein Cosmetics, L’Oreal, Coty and most recently InterParfums. While working with InterParfum she was Vice-President of Package Development and Purchasing for the Gap, Brooks Brothers, Betsey Johnson and Anthropologie.

During her time at InterParfums, Maggie built up a large core group of quality suppliers in China. She cultivated the relationships for 5 years and then started out on her own – forming Benevolent Beauty Inc. in January 2011. After spending years in the beauty industry she wanted to share her passion for beautiful packaging and expertise in making it.  

Benevolent Beauty Inc. grew because of Maggie’s love of benevolence. She hires extremely talented workers in manufacturing, paying more than minimum wage for a livable salary. Her factory is clean, heated and cooled to give a pleasant working condition. All holidays are paid and employees are made to feel part of a family instead of a cog in a wheel. Maggie has learned that the quality of finished product is exemplary when employees have a vested interest in the success of the business.

Benevolent Beauty gives 10% of profit to charity at year end. In years past this has included donating holiday gift bags to less fortunate children, essentials bags to low income single mothers, shoes and strollers and gift cards to low income families raising children with disabilities, a farm that rescues animals from deplorable conditions and to friends' children that are raising money for those less fortunate.  

Benevolent Beauty believes in creating beauty through benevolence.